We are a rare
breed of scrappy,
senior marketers

After getting to know each other as members of the marketing team of a leading process management software, we led teams at other companies, got more diplomas, then left our desk jobs behind.

Now we’re working together again, doing what we love most.

Who we are

Strategy, Copy & Ads
Past: Kanbanize, Techstars, AgileSherpas

Monica Georgieff is your quintessential T-shaped marketer. Equal parts strategy, content and metrics, Monica balances leadership with execution as the founder of Automagically.

Her professional experience combines stints as program manager at Techstars, consultant at AgileSherpas, and operations support at co-working space betahaus.

She spent most of her career before Automagically as the head of marketing for Kanbanize, a Lean and Agile project management tool.

Monica has contributed to several marketing industry resources, including Marketing Profs, Chief MarTech, Marketing Insider Group, CXL, Scrum Alliance and Business to Community. 

Monica holds a degree in Literature and Media from the University of Toronto, and an MSc from the University College London School of Management. She is also a Certified Professional – Agility in Marketing (ICP-MKG) and an Authorized Instructor with the International Consortium of Agile.

Content Strategy, SEO, Email Marketing
Past: Kanbanize, ScaleFocus, OffNews

Alex is a senior digital marketer with over 5 years of experience. He specializes in content marketing, SEO, and email marketing, but we’ve seen him tinkering with Google Ads campaigns as well.

He loves creating something out of nothing and enthusiastically pursues every new project as a chance to expand his expertise. Alex is a firm believer that content is the backbone of every marketing campaign and continuously expands his skillset around scaling its value across all marketing channels.

He has a strong background working with tech companies and has been practicing Agile since the very beginning of his marketing career. Before entering the marketing world, Alex spent a year as a journalist, covering a wide range of topics including economics, technology, and internal and foreign policy.

He has a Master’s degree in Marketing Management and a Bachelor’s in Public Relations and Advertising. He also holds a large collection of digital marketing certificates including Inbound Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and several others.

Content Marketing & Social Media
Past: Internet Media Group, DiTech Media

Rumyana is a content creator and digital marketing specialist. She chose this field because it is exciting, dynamic, very creative and resonates with her passions. 

She has experience in content writing, event management and social media but her interests don’t end here. She is fascinated with design and software development as well. 

Rumyana is creative, curious and hard-working. She likes to provide success and happiness to her clients. She was a valuable member of the organization of European Digital Week 2020 providing a strong work ethic and success to the event. 

Challenges are what keep her in shape. She is always looking for new mountains to conquer (metaphorically and literally). 

She is the creator of Art Junk Gallery – a personal blog about productivity, self-care and sustainability. Her passion for writing comes from her early childhood years and transforms into a career in content marketing. 

Content Marketing & Strategy
Past: Enhancv, Hop Online, Source Institute
Eric is a writer and digital marketer with a passion for telling compelling stories. 

Curious and always looking to make an impact, he loves deep dives to understand new markets and clients.

He has spent years working with startups and larger corporate clients alike to craft compelling content and build scalable and sustainable strategies for growth. In that time he’s enjoyed writing on topics like AI, resume writing, African entrepreneurship, finance, and much more.

In addition, Eric is also the creator of the Bulgarian History Podcast, the English voice of the Sofia Metro system, serves on the board of Fulbright Bulgaria, and will soon be publishing his first book.
Search Engine & Social Media Advertising
Past: TaxBack, VisaFirst, Tax International
Vlad is a digital marketer with 5 years of experience. He specializes in search engine, social media, and email marketing but likes to engage in SEO and web development as well.

Quick to react, eager to learn, driving for success… He likes out-of-the-box thinking and always tries to bring a fresh perspective to the table.

Vlad likes spending many of his evenings researching other success stories and learning from the best in the industry which helps him incorporate new ideas into his work.

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